Character Design

Character designing at Brainpan Studio

Meet Ani. Smart and studious. Always comes first in the class. Always neatly dressed. Teacher’s favourite. He is the captain of the school debate team.

Meet Bharat. Intellegent but careless. Always late to the class. Loves science. Wide eyed. Fascinated by earthworms. Sometimes sloppy but always polite.

Meet Chintu. Smart and cunning. Commander-in-chief of the Scouts. Popular among classmates. Always looking for an easy way out.

Meet Dholchu. Cute and funny. Always looking for an excuse to miss class. Famous for his toilet wall art. Good at studies but careful not to overdo expectations.

Meet Ekalavya. Innocent and full of wonder. Often bullied by other boys. Fascinated by even the smallest object. Hates sports but loves climbing trees. Life member of the Tarumitra club.

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